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John W0ENE aboard the B-29 FiFi. That is, at John’s right elbow, his beloved BC-348Q Receiver, the final piece of original equipment needed to finish the restoration of the heavy bomber’s Radio Bay. It was a job taken on by the Rockwell Collins ARC in Richardson, TX and Cedar Rapids, Ia. They found everything, including the Collins ART-13 transmitter, but could not locate a suitable receiver  until John came though. He heard about the RCARC effort in ELECTRIC RADIO Magazine. The Florida AM Group is very proud to count W0ENE among its original members.


 The only Flying B-29 at the TICO War Bird Airshow in Titusville, Florida March 10, 2012



John with the ART-13, BC-348Q, and a small army of ARC Rigs with FiFi Assistant Crew Chief Larry Popp

John answered the plea for the one piece of gear the group did not have to finish FiFi’s Radio Shack, and now he and his wife Carolyn have gotten a first hand tour. Outstanding job John and Carolyn! We will keep you posted on FiFi’s whereabouts as the vunerable Super Fortress, equipped with a working historically correct radio system visits an airfield near you!!



VINTAGE SSB 3810 & down Tuesdays 7pm East

Welcome to the Florida AM Group! A group of concerned Radio Amateurs devoted to the preservation, restoration and on-air operation of antique Amateur and Military Radio equipment. We meet on the air regularly and gather several times a year at hamfests and group dinners. Come back to the days of vacuum tubes and hi fidelity  audio, when real radios glowed  in the dark. No need to have vintage gear, if it says AM come on in! All Licensed Amateurs are welcome!

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Now that’s “Vintage” !

More Angel Music Please!!

Maury N4GUI at Tampa Hamfester – “hit the cymbal Maury!”

Its not always cold at NEARFEST- KC3CH,WA1HLR,KI4RUS, October 2008

Roger K1HH and Beloved Gates BC Beast, to be heard we’ll bet in 2011.

The Crew at AM DINNER TAMPA 2010

Paul WA3VJB Annapolis, MD Nice 30-K Collins with T3 & R-390

OLD BUZZARD PHOTO CONTEST – So far the only guess is Dave W2ORL Holiday!

We also like Vintage SSB Gear and our Shackmates of the Feline Variety


AM Dinner at W9DVM(sk) Phil’s QTH Undated L-R W4MZ, W3EFK(sk), W2ORL,W1GUD,W9DVM(sk),K4KKW(sk),K4AAM,K1OBJ,AF1Z

It can get brisk at the NearFester. W1GUD, N4TTJ, K4JCP October 2009

British Pub Sarasota (W3HPW)